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SuitYourself: Your Lifelong Buddy

Background Information About SuitYourself

Cyber Youth Singapore is partnering with SuitYourself in order to promote its suits and provide them with an IT literacy workshop. Since many youths do not understand the art of suits and often get intimidated by the price and complexity of suits, SuitYourself provides a solution to this by catering high quality garments at affordable prices. It helps to overcome size problems and ensure that every single suit fits you perfectly. Ultimately, youth will be able to get one good, affordable suit. In this article, we will be going through the customer journey and discover what SuitYourself has to offer.

Step 1: Book an appointment

The first step to getting your suit is to book an appointment with SuitYourself. All you have to do is indicate the number of suits you’re getting and click on the date that you’re free according to their available timings on that day. Furthermore, if you’re coming as a group on that day, there is also an option for you to do a group booking. SuitYourself can also come down to the venue itself if the number of people is very big (e.g. more than 30). However, there will be in-house charges.

Step 2: Style your suit

Great, your booking is now confirmed. Now it’s time to pick the fabric you want for your suit. SuitYourself offers many fabric options. These options are listed as follows:

  • Starter: Comprises of 30% tropical wool and 70% tetron rayon

  • Premier: Comprises of 40% tropical wool and 60% tetron rayon

  • Finest: Comprises of 50% tropical wool and 50% tetron rayon

  • Lux: Comprises of 100% merino wool

More wool allows the suit to be smoother, lighter, breathable and comfortable. Furthermore, out of all the materials, merino wool has the best quality as it is able to accustom to different climates. Therefore, if you are in a cold climate, merino wool keeps you warm and vice versa.

A Chart Showing The Options Available For Each Fabric Type

After choosing the fabric that you want, you can go on to customise your lapel, buttons and vents as well.

Suit Customisation Chart Showcasing Lapels, Buttons And Vents Customisation

Step 3: Customisation process


Now we move on to the next step, which is the measurement process. The process differs for both males and females. For males, 3D body scan will be used in order to determine posture and sizing. Whereas for females, pictures of their body silhouette will be taken instead. This is because compared to females, males usually have more intricate postures, for example, some may have one shoulder that’s more sloped than the other. 3D body scan takes this into consideration in order to ensure that the suit is customised to fit the nuances of the body.

Step 4: Fitting


Once you are done with choosing the fabric and getting your measurements done, it’s finally time to move on to the last step, which is the fitting session. This would take place roughly three weeks after you have confirmed your order. It would only take approximately 30 minutes to do the final check and ensure that the suit fits perfectly. If any other changes are required, SuitYourself will inform you on your next fitting session.

Why Choose SuitYourself?

SuitYourself originally started out as a student company before slowly moving on to cater towards corporate workforce, weddings and pageants. Since Cyber Youth Singapore and SuitYourself share an overlapping trait of being youth-led establishments wanting to inspire other youth, SuitYourself is trained with the expertise to pick out the best suit styles for these youths, be it for interviews, presentations or internships. On top of that, you can get a timeless and bespoke suit that can last you through your presentations and important milestones in your life. It also includes your suit demands as follows:

  • Affordable as the prices match with off-the-racks, which offer only standard sizes

  • Transparent as SuitYourself will not lie to you and has no surcharge

  • Convenient as measurement can be taken within 3 seconds using its revolutionary and comprehensive 3D scanner

  • Personalised (Customisation is limitless)

  • Durable and Versatile (Impeccable quality with timeless styles)

‘Schedule an appointment’ at our showroom: www.suityourselfsg.com/contact ‘See the suits’ for those who prefer to browse: www.suityourselfsg.com/suit

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