Our Team

A youth-led non-profit organisation with active community stakeholders, CYS has a unique
governance and organisational structure.


CoY Ben Chua
Chief Executive Officer, Cyber Youth Singapore
Goh Liu Ying COOO
Goh Liu Ying
Chief Operating Officer, Cyber Youth Singapore
Aaron ang
Chief Executive, Cyber Youth Collective
CoY Xavier Low
Xavier Low
Chief Executive, Cyber Youth Academy


CoY Aaron Ang
Aaron ang

Chief Executive,
Cyber Youth Collective

Kelly Ye
kelly ye

Deputy Chief Executive (Programme Management Office),
Cyber Youth Collective


CoY Xavier Low
Chief Executive, Cyber Youth Academy

Ben Chua

Chief Executive Officer
Ben is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Cyber Youth Singapore (CYS), a non-profit organisation in Singapore focused on developing Singapore’s digital future. The organisation is supported by the National Youth Council (NYC) and the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA). Ben is recognised by CSA as one of the champions for the national SG Cyber Talent initiative. Ben is also the recipient of the Singapore Computer Society’s IT Youth of the Year Award 2020. He is recognised through the award for his outstanding contributions to the technology industry.

Ben has extensive experience in youth engagement and interaction, serving as the leader for a community of over 1000 youths in CYS. He was previously a lecturer and a panellist for CSA’s Youth Cyber Exploration Programme in 2019, serving as a mentor for over 200 youths. He is also certified as an Accredited Configuration Engineer (ACE) and Organisational Systems Security Analyst (OSSA) by Palo Alto and ThinkSECURE. He graduated from Singapore Polytechnic with a Diploma in Infocomm Security Management with Applied Psychology in 2020.

Goh Liu Ying

Chief Operating Officer, Operations Division, Cyber Youth Singapore
A firm believer of “a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor”, Liu Ying often seeks out challenges and seized opportunities presented to her to promote academic and personal development and view failures/setbacks as opportunities for growth. Having taken an unconventional education route, Liu Ying accidentally found her passion in Accounting at the Institute of Technical Education, where she graduated as the Gold Medalist and was awarded the Outstanding Graduate Award, along with the ITE CCA Medal.

At Singapore Polytechnic, Liu Ying busied herself in CCAs, leading multiple events while in the executive committee of two clubs, the SP BP Mentoring Club and the School of Business Club. In the latter, she championed and helped revamp how the club organised community service activities, from ad hoc volunteering to connecting with VWOs and having students organise and lead events instead.

Today, Liu Ying is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy and is looking forward to joining the audit profession upon completion of University.



Council Member, Council of Youths | Chief Executive, Cyber Youth Collective

Aaron is a dynamic leader in the cybersecurity field, operating at the exciting intersection of technology, education, and business development. As the Director of Business Development at Wissen International, Aaron is at the forefront of helping businesses navigate the complex landscape of cyber threats by mitigating both human and technological risks.


Aaron’s career journey began in the classroom and evolved into a pivotal role at the Cybersecurity Agency of Singapore. Here, he honed his skills in cybersecurity ecosystem development, studying the sector intensively, assisting companies in talent acquisition, and enabling individuals to secure positions in this rapidly growing field.


In the private sector, Aaron spearheaded teams to create engaging cybersecurity awareness content and designed comprehensive training programs. Today, as a consultant, he helps corporations understand and mitigate human risk in the cyber landscape.


Beyond his professional roles, Aaron serves as a Council Member and Chief Executive at Cyber Youth Singapore, inspiring youths to explore technology careers and bridging the gap between young talent and the tech industry with his team of dedicated volunteers.


With his diverse experiences and achievements, Aaron is dedicated to helping businesses bolster their cybersecurity defenses and foster a safer digital environment for all. Connect with Aaron to be part of a future where technology empowers us, not threatens us.

Xavier Low

Chief Executive of CYA
Xavier is the Chief Executive Officer of Cyber Youth Academy. His interests include Photography, Poetry and playing the Erhu. He is part of the Chinese Orchestra at SMU and has played the Erhu since the tender age of 8. Xavier is a recipient of the National Young Leader Award and was a 2020 Youth Action Challenge Finalist. Xavier strongly believes in the combined effort of youths and led a Design Thinking project at Isabella, Philippines, where they served underprivileged communities by changing their underlying processes. During his term as the president of the Chinese Orchestra, he reshaped the CCA to have a volunteering focus and clinched the SP Excellence and Model Student Award. He also co-ran a student startup, SAYOCODE, under the SP’s SPinoff programme, where he enthusiastically passed on knowledge and mentored his peers. Xavier had a Polytechnic with the IMDA Gold Medal and a Diploma with Merit in Business Information Technology in 2020. He is currently pursuing a degree in Information Systems at the Singapore Management University.

Xavier continues to serve various communities through volunteering for Meet the People sessions and helping households directly through a befriending programme. Xavier believes volunteering with the community is essential to serving them. Doing so has allowed him to realise the current systems in place; and the difficulties that various groups face with present ‘help’ provided by multiple organisations (e.g. grants, provisions etc.). He also often provides his Photography experience to Chengsan- Seletar CC through offering coverage to their various events. Xavier has aspirations to work in the Public Service to aid digitalisation efforts to push for more inclusive change methods. He hopes that one day, technology will be adopted and used by all members of society regardless of their background and status. He believes that only when such a level of inclusiveness is achieved can technology become the enabler it was promised to be.

Kelly ye

Deputy Chief Executive, Cyber Youth Collective

With a passion for problem-solving and creative ideation, Kelly finds purpose in the intersection of community, technology and business, and it’s potential in creating meaningful social impact and enabling human progress. 


She is a firm believer in the butterfly effect – inside the smallest actions may lay the catalyst to ignite a bigger change and shape a better world for everyone. As a purpose-driven and self-initiated individual, her experiences in project management, strategy, marketing and community engagement reflect her passion. During her time in school, she forayed into strategy consulting, providing pro-bono consulting services to social organisations in the APAC region. She also led multiple community engagement events, including an overseas Service Learning trip to Yunnan, China and her college’s flagship Community Engagement Festival. Her education in Business Administration at the NUS Business School, coupled with her leadership appointments in the College of Alice and Peter Tan provided her a nuanced understanding of our community from a multidisciplinary lens, enabling her to identify issues and solve problems effectively. 


As a curious learner, she’s always on the lookout for the next new skill to learn and develop. Other times, catch her at the gym, volunteering or simply on the couch with a book!