Inaugural CYS-IHL Roundtable on 23 Oct 2022

In what was an unprecedented gathering between Student Representatives from the ITEs, Polytechnics and Universities, Cyber Youth Singapore’s IHL Roundtable held on 23 Oct 2022 saw topics surrounding youth engagement, development and feedback, being discussed. 

Specifically, discussions on youth development centred around working in consultation with ecosystem stakeholders to co-create a developmental roadmap to direct and guide youths on the development of in-demand tech skills. 

From this discussion, CYS is encouraged to continue its work strengthening the youth-in tech community through bonding activities to create a welcoming and inclusive space for all youths regardless of educational background, whilst facilitating deepened sharing between youth and industry. 

CYS will also seek to empower youths to influence national-level policies concerning youth-in-tech through increased exchanges via forums and dialogues with leaders from the public and private sectors, along with focus group discussions to gather feedback and to brainstorm for solutions to existing pain points. 

CYS would like to extend immense gratitude to Student Representatives across Singapore’s key institutes of higher learning who took time off their busy schedules to join us in a collaborative discussion to further engagement and opportunities for Singapore’s youth-in-tech community at IHL Roundtable!


Posted by Aaron / Chief Executive (CYC)