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SINGAPORE — 25 May 2020: Cyber Youth Singapore (CYS) and Singapore Polytechnic’s School of Computing will organise and host the third edition of the Youth Cyber Exploration Programme (YCEP), spanning four days from 26 to 29 May 2020. Supported by Cybersecurity Agency of Singapore (CSA), Amazon Web Services and special interest groups from other polytechnics, YECP 2020 has attracted a record number of 210 secondary school students from Singapore, registering a 100% increase from 2019.


The YCEP was launched with Singapore Polytechnic in 2018 as a national initiative under the Singapore Cyber Youth Programme led by CSA. The youth-led programme offers students from secondary to tertiary levels opportunities to explore cybersecurity as a career option.


This annual bootcamp aims to introduce basic cybersecurity skills and knowledge to the participants with the goal of discovering potential cybersecurity talents and encouraging them to pursue cybersecurity in their tertiary studies. It is also a platform for industry partners to engage youth in Singapore who are passionate about cybersecurity.


It will go digital for the first time on the Cyber Youth Singapore Discord channel in view of the circuit breaker measures and in support of Singapore’s push to be a Smart Nation. The CYS Discord channel, now bustling with almost 700 members, serves as a common ground for the organisation to engage and interact with its members and doubles as a community for these youth to network with other like-minded peers.


Participants can look forward to an enriching and engaging experience while learning useful and practical skills including the detection of phishing emails and websites, and securing vulnerable services in their device’s system with firewalls and advisories. These skills are also applicable in their daily lives and can allow them to protect themselves against cyber breaches. 


The highlight of this annual bootcamp is the Capture The Flag (CTF) Competition held on the last day of the event. The CTF Competition will test and challenge the participants’ ability to apply the various cybersecurity concepts they have learnt over the duration of the programme. As part of the competition, participants will be tasked to uncover hidden messages across different platforms and mediums, including webpages and images to ensure that its servers are secure. 


Upon completion of the YCEP 2020, CYS and SP will award participants with certificates that they can present as part of their portfolio when they apply for a polytechnic course during the Early Admissions Exercise.


Kenneth Lee, CYS’ Director of Talent Development, said, “The Youth Cyber Exploration Programme has always prided itself in being a fully youth-facilitated event, with organisers and participants hailing from the polytechnics and other youth interest groups specialising in cybersecurity. The unique event allows youth an opportunity to develop their portfolio, while giving back to the industry.”


As Singapore’s economy digitalises further and cyber threats continue to grow in scale and sophistication, there is a growing need to identify and nurture talented cybersecurity individuals to join and subsequently lead cybersecurity roles in organisations. According to the Infocomm Media Development Authority and CSA, Singapore’s cybersecurity industry is expected to be worth US$889 million in 2022, and there is a projected talent shortage of up to 3,400 cybersecurity professionals in 2020.

Liew Chin Chuan, Director of SP’s School of Computing, said, “Cybersecurity is a key enabler in the digital transformation of our future economy. The Youth Cyber Exploration Programme is an excellent platform for educators and industry partners to uncover new talents and nurture a national pool of skilled cybersecurity talents in the ecosystem. We are proud to partner with Cyber Youth Singapore to create cybersecurity awareness among Singapore’s youth, and inspire them to turn this awareness into future learning and career pursuits.”


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