Developing and Acquiring Skills Together 

 Youth Development 

At the very core of CYS is the objective to ensure that our generation matures into a robust, hardworking, and ethical technology workforce. Many components are needed to prepare you and other youths for professional life. Hence, CYS has the Talent Development Matrix, a developmental roadmap for youths.

It serves to complement the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore’s SG Cyber Talent initiative which seeks to nurture cyber security enthusiasts from a young age. The matrix also complements the National Youth Council’s SG Youth Action Plan, specifically in the area of jobs and future of work. Together, we will build a future ready workforce.

The matrix will plot a developmental direction for our youth to pursue relevant technical and soft skills needed to become contributing members of the industry. From the provisioning of technical skills like programming to soft skills developed through leadership programmes, our youth will emerge from the end of their journey here in the Collective as critical thinkers capable of active contribution to the industry and our country.

Community Partnerships

To ensure that our youth are constantly developed according to the needs of the industry, community partnerships with corporate, public organisations and institutes of higher learning are vital in ensuring that our developmental programmes are constantly updated to keep up with the rapidly changing landscape of technology.

 Internships & Apprenticeships 

Based on our community partnerships, CYS will source for internship and apprenticeship opportunities for our youth. CYS recognises the internship programmes conducted across polytechnics and universities in Singapore. CYS is committed to helping our youth source for suitable internships opportunities that will enable them to have a fruitful internship experience.

However, we will be lobbying for a new concept and point of view towards experiencing the industry and professional environment. Instead of internships, which are short term, one off experiences, we are calling for more opportunities for apprenticeships.

CYS advocates for a learn and apply model, where skills taught in the classroom are applied immediately in the industry. This way, basics are solidified with the apprentice gaining an immediate appreciation of the particular skill.