Empowering Youth Together

Youth Engagement

Keeping the community engaged and anchored is a key fundamental focus of CYS. Through our engagement with our youth members, we hope to provide our youth a safe platform to air their views and opinions, to establish a sense of commadrie amongst our youths, and to complement and enhance our youth development efforts.

We will do this through a myriad of activities, spanning from online gaming, to workshops, to meetups, to youth conventions. As a youth, you can definitely look forward to a warm, safe, and inviting environment.

As we mature into the future tech workforce of Singapore, we believe that it is beneficial for us to move onwards into the industry together, where the very youths you grew up together with are your colleagues, and co-workers.

Youth Entrepreneurship and Innovation 

We know you are creative, and we know you have aspirations. With our Youth Entrepreneurship and Innovation programme, we aim to harness and channel the power of youth to push the boundaries of technology to its limits. We believe that as youth, we are capable of contributing and empowering ourselves to develop new concepts and solutions that can be monetised to complement the technology market.

CYS will work with industry and community partners to actively encourage our youths to be bold and brave. We will also establish the Cyber Youth Research & Innovation Corps to support and encourage innovation within the youth community. You will be encouraged to step forward, present, and pitch your idea and request for a mentor to guide you through accomplishing the project.

We want to give you the opportunity to harness your creativity to traverse the digital frontier.

Regional Engagement

As youths living in today’s digital economy, we believe that in order to secure our future tech industry, we need to expose our community to the international stage. Starting with our neighbouring countries, CYS aims to reach out to our youth counterparts in the region to share and exchange ideas and skills.

We face rapid globalisation and connectivity through technology. The fourth industrial revolution is a topic that must be addressed by the youth across countries. Conferences and exchange programmes will be excellent opportunities for our Singaporean youth to understand different cultures and how technology can be leveraged to facilitate global economic growth.