Building a Resilient Smart Nation Together 

Programmes & Workshops

A key area of focus within our Education pillar is to drive interest and basic skill development of cyber security and other areas of technology among the general youth population in Singapore. This effort comes in the form of free one off programmes and workshops organised or supported by CYS.

These events, programmes, and workshops will be one-off arrangements, held within a week, and free of charge. Programmes & Workshops allow for CYS to generate interest about technology across Singapore in a rapid and efficient manner.

Cyber Youth Academy

The Cyber Youth Academy or just The Academy serves to provide long term skill development and a continuous educational experience that may span across an entire year.

The Cyber Proficiency Curriculum of CYS will be executed through the Academy. The Curriculum serves to educate general Singapore citizens about the importance of cyber security and how they can play a part in Singapore’s Digital Defence. From the uniform groups in Singapore to the community clubs in our neighbourhoods, the courses delivered through the Curriculum will ensure a long term transfer of knowledge to Singaporeans.

Cyber Outreach & Education

As part of our general social responsibility, CYS is committed to raising awareness of cyber and technology related causes among the youth in Singapore.

As technology becomes intertwined with our lives, social and community issues will inevitably be affected by the pervasiveness of technology. In today’s age, the issue of bullying and addiction are no longer like the past. We intend to champion a national initiative to drive awareness for causes ranging from cyberbullying, netiquette, internet addiction to cyber security. In doing so, we will consolidate efforts across the government and non profit organisations to educate the youth of Singapore on best practices when on the internet.

However, we do not seek to undertake the outreach task for the sake of awareness. We hope to perform data driven awareness and in doing so, drive actual adoption of good habits and behaviors online among the youth in Singapore.

We aim to outreach and educate at least 15,000 youths by the end of 2021.