Cyber Youth Collective

a.k.a The Collective
The collective is a division of CYS focused on career development of youths in Singapore. CYC aims to bring the industry and youths together through a variety of activities and initiatives.
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Our Vision

To engage and nurture youths interested in technology to develop passionate and all-rounded professionals for the digital future.
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Our MIssion

To oversee and facilitate the holistic development of future cybersecurity professionals.

Meet the team behind the collective

Aaron ang

Chief Executive

Cyber Youth Collective

The Collective Life

In the collective, you can expect to find like-minded individuals from a wide spectrum of academic levels. The Collective prides itself in its vibrant and inclusive environment, where the focus is in providing all youth in Singapore a platform to explore their cyber security interests. From live workshops streamed on Discord to exclusive activities like competitions and seminars, you’re in for a real treat as a Collective member. Regardless of your competency in the realm of tech, we welcome you to join the community! 


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Council Member, Council of Youths | Chief Executive, Cyber Youth Collective

Aaron is a dynamic leader in the cybersecurity field, operating at the exciting intersection of technology, education, and business development. As the Director of Business Development at Wissen International, Aaron is at the forefront of helping businesses navigate the complex landscape of cyber threats by mitigating both human and technological risks.


Aaron’s career journey began in the classroom and evolved into a pivotal role at the Cybersecurity Agency of Singapore. Here, he honed his skills in cybersecurity ecosystem development, studying the sector intensively, assisting companies in talent acquisition, and enabling individuals to secure positions in this rapidly growing field.


In the private sector, Aaron spearheaded teams to create engaging cybersecurity awareness content and designed comprehensive training programs. Today, as a consultant, he helps corporations understand and mitigate human risk in the cyber landscape.


Beyond his professional roles, Aaron serves as a Council Member and Chief Executive at Cyber Youth Singapore, inspiring youths to explore technology careers and bridging the gap between young talent and the tech industry with his team of dedicated volunteers.


With his diverse experiences and achievements, Aaron is dedicated to helping businesses bolster their cybersecurity defenses and foster a safer digital environment for all. Connect with Aaron to be part of a future where technology empowers us, not threatens us.