Ben Chua

Chief Executive Officer

About Me

Hello! I'm Ben, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Cyber Youth Singapore. I'm currently a year 3 student studying Diploma in Infocomm Security Management at Singapore Polytechnic.

My Passion

I am very interested in the human element of cybersecurity, this unpredictable variable can make or break the cyber defense of an organisation. I am also very interested in the application of cybersecurity into business solutions.

Why Cyber Youth Singapore?

The idea for Cyber Youth Singapore, an open cyber community for youths in Singapore, was conceived in March 2019. But it was only until June 2019, when I met the group of people of whom shared my vision for a youth cyber community in Singapore, was this "idea" realized.

This idea for an open platform and community for youths to explore their cybersecurity interest was conceptualized when I saw the burning passion youths had for cybersecurity. But there was one problem. There was no permanent avenue for youths to grow and develop that interest. Hence, Cyber Youth Singapore.

This secular and apolitical community serves only to provide youths with a safe environment to responsibly explore their interest in cybersecurity. I hope that at the end of their fruitful journey in Cyber Youth Singapore, youths would not only have been developed and nurtured in their technical skills but also in terms of soft skills. A holistic and all rounded experiential journey, covering self and leadership discovery is how I envision Cyber Youth Singapore to be. The value this would bring youths in Singapore fueled the creation of this social enterprise.

Cyber Youth Singapore

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