Ian Chien

Chief Corporate Officer

About Me

I'm Ian, year 2 from Nanyang Polytechnic, Diploma in Cybersecurity and Forensics. I love music, gaming, food, social work, socialising and making new friends. If there's anything related you would like to talk about, I would be more than delighted to do so!

My Passion

I developed a passion in Cybersecurity since young when I played around with robot programming as well as hacking offline games. Capture the flag competitions just spurred me on.

Spending my primary and secondary school days in Catholic High School, we also did learn programming basics, as well as some coding, of which also piqued my interest in Information Technology and Cybersecurity.

More Information

Educational Background

I am currently a student studying in Nanyang Polytechnic, Diploma in Cybersecurity and Forensics.

I graduated from Catholic High School where I got in touch with the basics of programming and developed an interest for cybersecurity!


As I am still actively involved in Scouts, I do spend my Saturday's at Catholic High Scout Group to help facilitate trainings, as well as receive training from my leaders. I received my Chief Commissioner's Award, the pinnacle award for a scout 2 years ago, and am currently pursuing the President Scout's Award.

On top of all these, I am also an EXCO member in my school's academic club (SIT Club) and interest group (NYP INFOSEC). I have just pursued and gotten my CEH certification from EC council this year.

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