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To provide youths in Singapore with a platform to safely and responsibly explore their cybersecurity interests alongside their peers.


To advocate for a heightened information security awareness amongst youths in Singapore with an intention to encourage cybersecurity as a career option.

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The capitalised and bold letters signifies our community spirit, showing our strength in unity. Through our logo, we hope to empower youths in Singapore to come together to ensure the sustainability of the cyber security profession.


As a would-be facilitator in the cyber security community for youths, we hope to rally interested youths across Singapore behind this symbol to achieve a harmonious and conducive community for youths to explore their interest in cyber security.

Meet Our Team

Cyber Youth Singapore (CYS) has our own management system, accountability and compliance checks. Youths can expect to have a strong and decisive leadership, with the interest of the youths always taking precedence in all our decision making process.


The CYS Management Team is made up of 4 divisions and 10 departments. The Management Team is overseen by a Board of Directors (BoD).

Cyber Youth Singapore

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