Who We Are

cyber prefix
Def, involving, using, or relating to computers, especially the internet.
We are Cyber Youth Singapore, a non-profit youth organisation run entirely by youth. With a focus on cyber security, we seek to empower youth in Singapore with a platform to safely and responsibly explore their interest in technology alongside their peers.


To empower youths in Singapore with a platform to safely and responsibly explore their interests in technology alongside their peers.


To advocate for a strong cybersecurity awareness in Singapore through youth action.
To encourage cybersecurity as a career option amongst youths in Singapore.

Our Goals

National Platform

We want to be the national platform for youths in tech to play a part in Singapore’s Digital Future.

Future Ready

We want to develop youths of our generation into a future-ready digital workforce.

Community Growth

We plan to outreach to 100,000 youths and grow our community to 10,000 members strong in the next 7 years.

3 Pillars of Cyber Youth Singapore



9 Areas of Focus



Empowering Youth Together
Youth Outreach
Initiatives to drive interest and basic development in the future.
Youth Development
Ensuring our youths mature into a robust, hardworking and advanced digital workforce.
Youth Engagement
Anchoring and building a sense of purpose and belonging among our youths.


Building a Resilient Smart Nation Together
Enterprenuership & Innovation
Harnessing and channeling the power youths to push the boundaries of technology.
Digital Access & Inclusion
Reaching out to youths in vulnerable groups to equip them with relavant digital & cyber skills.
Awareness & Education
Raising awareness about the risks of the digital world amongst youth in Singapore.


Forging Partnerships to Increase Youth Exposure
International Exposure
Increasing exposure to international communities and enterprises to broaden the perspectives of our youths.
Ensuring our youths are developed according to the needs and latest development of the field.
Industry Experience
Working with partners to expose youths to the industry environment.